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[OPV] PiRyo,RyoPi ...'After the rain ☂

Summary : P find Ryochan in many place , No matter how long he will find 'till he meet Ryochan.

Ryochan sitll love P but don't want to contact again...he left from P and stay in some place that he think P cant find him. (maybe each hemisphere) T^T Ryochan call to other person for asking about P, They are really thinking of each other. Finally P can meet Ryochan or not??? Please see it ^^

Why Ryochan don't want to contact or meet P again?? >>> I'll tell u in new OPV 〖monologue
, now I'm making it haha~~ ><

see on Youtube ↑↓

[OPV] -PiRyo,RyoPi- \'After the rain...


** ごめんね~~>O<!!~~ In the morning ,i'm post a wrong link ><!!~~~, Now i'm already to post a new link....It's right sure!! ><!!! Let's enjoy it!

[OPV]'After the rain..... .mpg

File Size: 188.16 MB



NOTE : I really happy if I can see your comment on my opv ><

I want to know about your opinion . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz _ (/\)_

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