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[News]Coverage on press conference for “Zenkai Girl”

[News]Coverage on press conference for “Zenkai Girl”

Today, Fuji TV held a press conference with the cast of their upcoming ‘Getsu 9′ drama “Zenkai Girl“, starring Aragaki Yui and Nishikido Ryo.

“Zenkai Girl” is going provide a lot of new challenges for Aragaki, since it’ll be her first starring role in a drama, her first role as a lawyer, and her first romantic comedy.

In the drama, she portrays a very strong career woman called ‘Ayukawa Wakaba’, who aims to become one of the best international lawyers with an annual income of no less than 10 billion Yen (over 120 million USD). Aragaki commented, “There aren’t really any similarities to my own character, so it’s difficult to play this role, but I’m starting to change into her character. I will work hard and step on the gas in order to grow as a person together with Wakaba.

There’s also a day-dream scene where she wears a wedding dress. “It made me somewhat happy that I was able to wear a proper wedding dress for work for the first time. We took a lot of pictures as mementos,” she said.

Aragaki also revealed that her ideal type is a fun person you can never get tired of; in the drama, her love interest ‘Yamada Sota’ (Nishikido) is a man without education, without money, and without future prospects. Reflecting on that type of man, Aragaki mused, “Lacking some knowledge is fine. Having at least a little bit of money probably helps to live a happy life, but it shouldn’t be a problem even if you have less money than others. And about future prospects… if you really enjoy being together, I don’t think you can be a person without any future prospects, therefore that shouldn’t be a problem either, right!?

Meanwhile, Nishikido cracked up the audience when he revealed, “I’m getting scolded (by Aragaki) as much as you can get scolded by another person. However, I’m a masochist, so I have no problem getting scolded by beautiful women.” His co-actors laughed as he continued, “The director told me to prepare a killer smile and it turned out to be a process of trial and error. Please decide whether my smile can kill people after watching the first episode.” Aragaki immediately replied, “It was a killer smile!”

Actor Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, actress Yakushimaru Hiroko, child actress Tani Kanon, child actor Takagi Serai, actor Takeuchi Riki, newscaster Kaito Aiko, model and actress Aoyama Noriko, actor Minagawa Sarutoki, and actor Suzuki Ryohei also attended the press conference.

“Zenkai Girl” will start on July 11th with a 15-minute extended first episode.

credit :: Tokyohive


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