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[News]Completes filming of Zenkai Girl

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On September 17th, Fuji TV’s ongoing drama ‘Zenkai Girl‘, starring Aragaki Yui, completed shooting.
This drama is a love comedy between a rookie lawyer (Aragaki) and a divorced man (Nishikido Ryo) who is raising his son.  About this past 3 months of shooting, Aragaki said, “I’m glad it all finished safely.  I believe that we were able to do so all thanks to everyone.”  When she received a bouquet from the director, she showed her trademark ‘Gakky smile’.
Aragaki’s co-star, Nishikido, also said with a smile, “It became a fun drama. Thank you very much.”  Then both stars strongly shook each other’s hands.
The final episode of the drama will be aired on the September 19th.

Source : tokyohive

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