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[Article]Nishikido Ryo comments about his withdrawal from NEWS on Music Station

Nishikido Ryo comments about his withdrawal from NEWS on Music Station


On October 14th, Kanjani8 appeared on the 3-hour “Music Station” special, where member Nishikido Ryo commented on his withdrawal from NEWS.
Although he commented when the withdrawal was first announced, he also stated, “From now on, I want to do my best as Kanjani8’s Nishikido Ryo. Also, everyone, please support the new NEWS, and Yamapi [Yamashita Tomohisa].
When his withdrawal was introduced once again by announcer Takeuchi Yoshie, he explained, “I’m sure I surprised many people, but there were circumstances with my schedule, and problems because I was in two groups. Also, I was always troubled that I may be causing trouble to both groups.” After his comment, the members of Kanjani8 bowed, and promised to continue their activities.

 source : tokyohive


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