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[J-web]Nishikido Ryo Kanjani Sentai 8Renger 2011.10.14

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 Hello everyone.
This is Nishikido.
Just like the news reported, I’m not in NEWS anymore.
There could be a lot of people who were shocked, but this is a painful decision I have made after some thought.
From debut I have been shuffling around, schedule problem, around with 2 groups, I would have caused trouble for both groups ultimately. I have been troubled with regards to this.
Everyone have been supporting the Nishikido who was in NEWS, I am really thankful.
Now, as the Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8, I will continue to work hard. Therefore I hope I still can get the support of everyone.
On the other hand, the new NEWS by Koyama, Kato, Masuda and Tegoshi, please do support them from now.

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