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[Variety]2011.09.29 Kanjani no Shiwake8

File Name :: [旬团团饭小分队-HD]20110929仕分け∞.avi
File Size  :: 875 MB
Download ►  MU   001 | 002
                       MF  001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

*note  i will upload in MF later ,, sorry m(_  _ )m

credit :: shaorito  Thanks so much!, ^^

Note 2 : If u want to share this file in your site ,  plz email to ask for permission the owner of this file before. And then if she allow you to repost  you can use my link ^^  

e-mai;  >  using.backup@qq.com 
Note 3 :  You can use all my link to repost on the other site but if you found some link in my blog are broken , please report to me ^^ Thanks  

Note 4 : if u can't include file with HJSplit , plz rename all file in  english name , i cant rename the name of files because this is the rule of the owner , sorry ^^



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