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[Info]Kanjani in Papa doru on variety SP for Golden Week!

Papadoru! Tokubetsuhen

Time: May 3rd, Thursday, 9.00 pm (2-Hour SP)

What's it about:

Members in one-day special experience.

Ryo & Maru - Visiting Jichou Kachou's Komoto-san's family to experience a 'family holiday'
Yasu - Went to Papua New Guinea, lived with local people and got engaged in a life of a father with strong self-sufficiency
Yoko & Subaru - Went to Hokkaido, helped take care of a large family
Hina & Ohkura - Helped to take care of a 2 year-old

Source: http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/movie/2010697/full/?cat_id=tw

credit :: kanjani8@lj

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