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[TRAN] RYO @ DUET 2011.04

[TRAN] RYO @ DUET 2011.04

-When did you feel the "Work switch" work recently?
Basically I have no switches. Before a concert I enter in the mood "I'm going to do my best!" inside myself but when I'm working and in my private life I always feel that "I am what I am". That's why when fans see me on the street I think they can see my usual character. I guess my mode would turn into "shyness" though (lol). That's why sometimes I can't answer properly when people tries to talk to me. It's not that I'm cold but I'm embarrassed! Ah, I have a story about my "Work switch" in OFF mode. During the New Year celebrations I had a long holiday and the first work of the new year was a shooting for a magazine. That day I was in a good mood thinking that the new year was beginning but the location of the shooting was outside and it was so cold. My tension went immediately out and all the energy I had went away (lol)

-How do you become when the "Play switch" is on?
I love to play around being noisy with my friends so I want to be completely in the mood for it. That's why I get so high. Anyway I'm the type who wants to be very satisfied both in private and work life. I think that you can't go on working a lot and never going out. Of course though you must be careful that this doesn't effect your work.

-In which moments do you go in a "Complete OFF mode"?
I'm an extreme guy so when I'm playing I'm doing it with all myself but I can also be in the mood to stay home, in those cases I can stay home also for a whole week. This mood comes regularly. It usually starts when I feel down for a failure and suddenly also going out to eat it's a bother. There are many times in which I don't feel like meeting anybody, sometimes I don't even eat and stay on the sofa all day. When I'm like that my friends always ask me if I caught a cold when they call me. Because not talking for a whole day the voice get hoarse (lol)

-What kind of girl makes your switch to go ON?
Girls who bring pocket tissues. When they give you one so casually, they can affect my mood. Instead the thing that makes me cold is a girl who has a weird way of holding the chopsticks and bad manners, no matter how cute she can be. When my mode is ON I go to the attack. I'm the attacker Nishikido!! (lol) I can call her everyday and ask her out everyday. If she refuses I'll say "Ok, I'll try again tomorrow!", I want to convey all my feelings to her. Since it's so natural my friends always understand when there's somebody I like. Because I become super kind and I don't go to meetings. I'll absolutely go to pick her and bring her back home. If I understand that it's a total no I quickly give up though. Because I'm afraid of being dumped (lol).

[So cute XD]

-Something that you were really ON about lately?
Nothing...I'd like to obtain the licence as mantainer of boats but in reality I didn't even start...I have a little thing! Recently I went to do shopping with a friend and we said: "Who lose at Janken will pay everything". I was really nervous. In the end I won and my friend bought me some black colduroy pants and a hat!!

-Can you tell the difference between ON and OFF modes in the members?
The other members' private life is a mystery to me so I can't tell. Pi when at work is always ON. I can feel his professionality. But when we're out together he's an unbelievable idiot (lol). It's a very definite gap.

[He's the only one who can call so casually Yamapi an idiot :D]

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