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[Tran] Wild Episodes by Maru

∞Wild Episodes by Maru

Shibuyan: Definitely at concerts. As our vocal, he's so wild when he shouts. Like, "Misetekureee!"

Ryo-chan: When he's concentrating on work. Whenever we plan for concerts, he's wild when he offers his input.

Yasu: He's wildest when he's playing the guitar. It really brings out his manly side.

Okura: When he's playing the drums. I got goosebumps watching his drum solo from our recent DVD.

Yokoyama-kun: (He's wildest when) he's eating meat at a restaurant, I think (laughs).

Murakami-kun: His body is wild. Very manly. After all, his muscles are totally ripped.

credit :: @chipsandchai < Thanks :)


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