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[Tran/EN]Myojo 2011.08 Eito Q&A: part 1

[Tran/EN]Myojo 2011.08 Eito Q&A: part 1

okay, just a gist.. I didn’t check I just typed while reading. HAHAHA don’t kill me if anything’s wrong.

Q1: What would you cosplay as?

Subaru: The Doraemon that I liked since young!
Ryo: Evangelium’s Shinji. Cosplay = Evangelium for me. Even though I have never seen the anime. Rei would be good too. No, that’s if I am a girl. (Why did it even become topic of a girl?)
Maru: Kamen Rider’s Amazon. I think he is the coolest in the Kamen series.
Yasu: Monkey. I think it’s closer to my dad, not only the clothes, I would like the make up too.
Okura: Talking about cosplay, probably anime character, pirates or something.
Hina: Italian soccer team’s ex-representative Gattuso. To wear the blue Italian soccer team clothes, and have that beard under the chin.
Yoko: I don’t think I would do cosplay, I would like to ask everyone instead, to tell me what they want me to cosplay. Then I would try my best to wear like that!

erm.. Yoko you sure?

Q2: Most meaningful song of Kanjani8 to you.

Subaru: Please let me off! All the songs are memorable to me. This is impossible! Sorry!
Ryo: My Home because it’s the themesong of my drama
Maru: Do You Agree? That’s the first actual band song we played when Okura first joined.
Yasu: Do You Agree? That’s the first band song we played, and it was the first song that Okura played on the drums.
Okura: Heavenly Psycho. I heard many fans said that they like it, and it’s still a good song no matter how many times sung.
Hina: Naniwa Iroha Bushi. It’s our debut song.
Yoko: Naniwa Iroha Bushi. I have always looked forward to debut and it’s a special song!

Obviously promoting the drama, someone. and I was a lil sad Okura didn’t choose “Do You Agree?”

Q3: The moment when you think “this guy is weird”.

Subaru: Everything about Maru is weird! As long as you are with him you would think like that!
Ryo: When Yasu is excited, he would let out a high pitch “Guuuuu~”, when he is thirsty and drinks coke, he says that too.
Maru: Sho-chan’s hairstyle. Even though he is a guy, he is suitable for female hairstyle.
Yasu: Maru’s private life. Even though I have known him for so long, I can’t really tell what his private life is like.
Okura: Yasu’s clothes. Hina: Subaru’s indecisive-ness. He can’t seem to decide what he wants to eat, then he would just order the 2 he couldn’t decide on.
Yoko: Hina’s crude-ness


Q4: Who is good with house appliances?

Subaru: Ryo. He said “I’m good with machines!”
Ryo: Me, me! Everyone said that right?
Maru: Ryo-chan. Seems like he would help if I asked for help. He’s familiar with appliances too.
Yasu: Ryo. When I first bought my computer, he taught me how to fix it through the phone.
Okura: Ryo-chan. I have asked him to help me fix my television before.
Hina: Ryo. When I meet with problems while using the computer, as long as I ask Ryo I can get an answer.
Yoko: Ryo, I guess. I have asked him to help fix the wires at my house a few times.

Tran by : cookiesmon > Thanks so much!! <3


[Myojo 2011.08]

If you could arrange member’s name again, what would you like to call them?

Subaru : To Okura, Tada-chan.

Ryo : To Okura, Yakitori. (lol)

Maru : To Yasu, Suya.

Yasu : To Shinchan, Mage. Cause he always “geta”, couldn’t get to wait.

Okura : To subaru, Baruun (Ballon)

Hina : I want to call all member with their surname+kun.

Yoko : To hina, I’ll use “Gasatsu” to call him, cause he’s all the way to gasatsu. *Gasatsu means rudeness

credit : nightclover > Thanks so much~~~^^


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