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[Tran/en]Ryo @ POPOLO 08.2011-NEWS LOVE RANKING

[Tran/en]Ryo @ POPOLO 08.2011 -NEWS LOVE RANKING


Ryo selects!

The member I'd like to date:
He's a steady person so he looks like a guy who can take good care of a girl. He's always kind, to girls obviously, but also to his friends. He's very manly so he seems the guy who can protect people no matter what!

The one who seems the type to fall in love:
When I see a cute girl my heart immediately goes crazy (lol). I'd look at her intere atmosphere. I wouldn't approach her so it's a complete personal delusion (lol)

The one who seems to like being spoiled:
Because his usual image is a mystery (lol). I'd like to see how he would change, I have expectations. He's always kind but maybe with girls he would unexpectedly change.

The one who would be easily understood when he's in love:
Because you can easily tell when he's angry or not for example (lol). I change my behaviour suddenly so I'm easy to be exposed too. I become very kind to the girl and her friends (lol)

The one who could marry the soonest: SHIGE
He has the image of the guy who would suddenly marry. He's smart so he would plan everything and marry quickly. I have no will to marry yet so I think I'll be late on it.

The most serious one with birthdays:
He always sends greetings, he's very serious with it. On the opposite I think I would just say: "Let's go out to eat!" on anniversaries. I'd like to be more serious with such things.

The one who would be meek as a lamb with his wife:
I'd rather be. If it's the girl to have an higher position it's all easier. I would leave her do whatever she want and I'd just look over it. But when it's time to decide I want to be the one taking the decisions!

A date at the sea: I'd like to swim together and have fun with snorkeling in a beautiful sea. We would watch the sunset by the sea and have dinner. A date at the sea would be so nice!


Shige selects!

The one who seems to like being spoiled: RYO
His behaviour would change and he would be supportive and understanding, no doubts he's an adult man. He'd be super kind and sweet...I think this is one of the popular sides of Nishikido-kun!

The one who could marry the soonest: RYO
He plays the role of a dad in his drama, so I can easily image him as a dad now. He would have many children and I can picture him being really scary if they do something bad.

Tegoshi selects!

The one who would be easily understood when he's in love: RYO
Usually he's tough but with the girl he likes he'd be ve~ry kind so it'd be easy to understand. Then, he does nothing to hide it, it's cool! I'm jealous of the girl who will receive this treatment!

Massu selects!

The one who seems to like being spoiled: RYO
I think he would show his kindness and his soft expressions only to the girl he likes. This gap is possible. Too bad I never got to see this sides of him...

The one who could marry the soonest: RYO
He's the only one who played the role of a dad, he's a steady boy so it'd be perfect. Anyway for some reason, except me everybody could do that!

Koyama selects!

The one who seems to like being spoiled: RYO
He has a strong image at work so I can't image him lovestruck. That's why if he likes to be spoiled it would be a gap, I'd like him to be like that in front of his girlfriend.

credit :: spilledmilk25@lj>> Thanks so much! <3

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