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[TRAN]PiRyo @ Duet 201107 ~ Sweet ~

[TRAN]PiRyo @ Duet 201107 ~ Sweet ~


-What made you become good friend with Yamapi?

When we went to Hawaii for work during the Jr. time. At night we gathered and tell scary stories, I was very scared so he accompanied me to the toilet (lol). Maybe it was since then? When we met previously in a Osaka's tv show we exchanged the house telephone numbers but we started to contact each other frequently after the trip in Hawaii. Back then we had no personal phones. Every time I was a little nervous to call and say: "Hello, I'm Nishikido Ryo, can I talk to Tomohisa-kun?". Once we became good friends we often went to play at Akanishi's house (lol)

-What about a memory with him?

We used to sit around the kotatsu with Jin and I got overexcited and started to throw things at him, Pi really got angry: "Stop it!"! He started to chase me and we were running all around the table. Thinking about it now I don't know what I was doing back then but it was really funny (lol). We also went to the amusement park together. The night before I slept at his house and we went in the morning, I remember we were really excited.

-What are the things you like the most in Yamapi?

The fact that he's steady. When we were students I was one year ahead him but Yamapi still seemed like my big brother. I wouldn't change anything in him!! Ah, no there's something! (lol). The time to put on the engine is essential. For example, if I have to go out with friends after work I immeadiately turn my mood into the 'play mode', but Pi needs 30 minutes of idling. I don't want to insist but I'd like him to switch out more quickly (lol)

-How is he in love?

I don't know. We never talk about that. I never asked him something like: "Do you like somebody?". Usually you wouldn't talk about it, right? The only thing I can say is that our tastes are really different! Impossible, but if we liked the same girl I would totally give up, but probably he would do that too? I think that in the end we would both say: "Go on, go on!" (lol)

-Tell us something you'd like to do with him!

A drama!! We never did one before. It would be good one where we play the role of two good friends. I wouldn't like to be his rival in love. I'd like to do a drama with him because it would be a good one of course, but also because I want to see how Pi is during the filming. I'm shy but Pi seems a type who's immediately friendly with the other actors, I want to understand his tricks.
In private life I want to go abroad with him! Even though I must admit we already did it (lol). Some years ago when we went to Los Angeles, we went out to take a walk during the night. It was really fun! This time I'd like to go to Europe with him.

-Please, say your message to your partner.

Lately we celebrated Pi's birthday with other guys. It was funny. We gave him as present a T-shirt with a duck character on it, did you wear it? Then, thank you for everything. Right, now we have the same age. Every hear for half a year we have the same age. This is pretty meaningless though (lol). Until now we had some fights but we always came back to be friends apologizing to each others. I think that the thread that ties me with Pi will last all my life. Please, let's keep our relationship as it is from now on too.

-What made you become good friend with Ryo?

The beginning was when we partecipated to a Tv Show in Osaka when I was in the 1st year of middle school. Then we just became good friends without noticing. We were kind with each others and we were fit to each other. My first impression of Ryo-chan was: "He's so tiny!" (lol). Really, I thought he was younger than me. When I knew he was 1 year older I was: "Ah, eh...EHHHHH!? *shock*"

-What about a memory with him?

We celebrated the end of the year together in a training camp! We ate the chahan cooked by Ryo-chan and when the midnight arrived we said: "Let's jump together!" and we did...it's a cute memory (lol). We also had big fights. I think I've talked about this many times, I think I accumulated stress and I lose my self-control (lol). I started to chase Ryo-chan, we ran and ran in circle with me screaming: "Stop idiot!". Now that we're adult we just contact each other: "What do you do today?" and go to eat Yakitori. There we exchange informations about our days, like: "What did you do yesterday?" "At what time do you work tomorrow?". We always know what the other is doind in general. I think our is a undestructible tie.

-What are the things you like the most in Ryo?

Of course his kindness. He's a considerate guy. He always cares about his friend, even now he still hungs out with the ones in Osaka. Something in him that makes me jealous is the fact that he has an older brother. Because I haven't one and I'd love to. I mean, being the older boy in family is hard! Being always told: "Onichan, I have a favor to ask you, please!" how can I relax! (lol). There's only one thing I'd change in Ryo-chan. The fact that he's too shy. If he receives greetings for his birthday or praises he's always: "Uwaah uwaaah I'm so happy! What can I do!!!". You're already 26, isn't that too much? It makes me wanna blush on his place (lol).

-How is he in love?

I don't know too well but it's pretty easy to tell when he's in love. Because he says that (lol). When we were students we used to talk about love now we don't do that at all. I don't like to do it. If we both liked the same girl...I'd give up, it's too bothersome (lol). I wouldn't like to fight because of that. Probably when I was younger I would have thought "I can't lose!" but now I'd say: "Go on, go on". It's a waste to ruin a friendship for something like that. And anyway that we like the same girl is impossible since the beginning.

-Tell us something you'd like to do with him!

A travel together. We never travelled in private life. I'd like to go for a week or less in Okinawa with him. In work life I'd say a drama. I don't mind about any genre, but I don't want to do a love one (lol). Right now Ryo-chan is in a drama, the dad's role somehow surprised me. I still can't think about that. Ryo-chan doesn't really have the image of a 'dad', right? Koyama would have been better for it! (lol). Anyway Ryo-chan is a good actor so he can do anything...

-Please, say your message to your partner.

I love you with all my heart *nau* (lol). I also watch your drama *nau*. Papa, do your best *nau*. That's all!

credit :: spilledmilk25 << Thanks so much!!!!! ^^


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