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[Tran]Ryo @ Winkup 201107

[Tran]Ryo @ Winkup 201107

When is my timing to change clothes for a new season?
Changing clothes or a new season!? I don't get it. Changing clothes is that. When you change the place you had you summer clothes to winter clothes? I don't do that though. I have all my summer and winter clothes together. If I feel like 'Today it's hot~' then I just choose something that seems like it would be cool. I've never changed clothes for a new season even once.

My rules for putting away clothes
I put all my clothes on hangers. T-shirts are on hangers too. Then, I hang them in the T-shirt zone, jacket zone, Shirt-parker zone. Amongst all that I don't do things like seperating my summer and winter things by colour or anything. The only clothes I have folded are pants. For my underwear and socks, I have this big drawer in the laundry room an I keep them all in there. I don't fold my underwear. I put my socks together at the cuffs so they'll all be in their pairs though.

Tell us about Yamapi's clothes
A white shirt with jeans and beach sandals (laugh) In winter, he just puts a leather jacket on top of that and the beach sandals change to boots. It's probably been like that since a long time ago. Speaking of which, I gave Yamapi a T-shirt for his birthday a while ago. A white shirt with prints on it....Huh? Not white. It was black (laugh) Yamapi's reaction? He said 'Thank you'. I haven't seen him since then so I don't know if he's worn it or not.

Something about your recent life
After this I'll be going to drama filming. I've had drama filming since this morning so I'm already sleepy (laugh) Filming is going well. We need to film 3 more episodes and then we end (Interview was in the middle of may) This time I came into filming with an advantage. I've acted together with Mizukawa (Asami)-san before and now she's playing my wife. We're able to talk more than we could before. Recently we all went out to eat, including the staff. But it was good. Being able to just talk normally. It's also a good feeling with the kids. It's also good with sky. Sky has warmed up to me the most. This is true. Speaking of recent things, it's mainly just all the drama. When I get home all I do is sleep. Once the drama finishes I want to take time to relax a bit~ That's right. Lately the weather has slowly been getting warmer right? Then, when I was at home I thought I should open the window for the first time in a while and loess blew in. I can't handle that, it makes me cough a lot. So it's a shame that I can't open the window.


NEWS 10 Question

Q1. The profession that you yearned for when you were a kid was?
Yamapi: Astronaut
Koyama: Pilot
Ryo: Astronaut
Shige: Inventor (I looked up to Kiteretsu-kun!)
Massu: Something ranger
Tegoshi: Soccer player

Q2. When you're taking a photo, what do you say before you press the shutter?
Yamapi: Ok, say cheese'
Koyama: Just normally 'Ok, say cheese' (It's so typical that even I'm embarrassed~)
Ryo: 'Ready~ go'
Shige: 'Ok, say cheese'
Massu: 'Ok, say cheese' (Ah, I say 'hai ha~i')
Tegoshi: 'Ok, say cheese'

Q3. Are you the type to bring food with you in the cinema?
Yamapi: Yes (Popcorn!)
Koyama: I do (It's always salt-butter flavour)
Ryo: I eat a hotdog Shige: I don't (I don't like popcorn)
Massu: I probably wouldn't bring anything
Tegoshi: Just coffee (I don't buy food)

Q4. Cookies or senbei, if you were to choose one, which do you like?
Yamapi: Senbei (It's the best)
Koyama: Senbei
Ryo: I don't either of them
Shige: Senbei (Nure-senbei)
Massu: Cookies (But I probably like them both)
Tegoshi: Half & half (For senbei, the crunchy ones with soy sauce flavour)

Q5. Which do you like better, takoyaki, okonomiyaki or monjayaki?
Yamapi: The takoyaki that are a bit soft
Koyama: Okonomiyaki
Ryo: Yakisoba!
Shige: Takoyaki
Massu: Takoyaki
Tegoshi: Hiroshima-yaki

Q6. What flavour syrup do you like putting on your shaved ice?
Yamapi: Blue Hawaii (It's completely not Hawaii though)
Koyama: Strawberry milk
Ryo: Lemon or Blue Hawaii
Shige: Blue Hawaii
Massu: Condensed Milk
Tegoshi: Blue Hawaii

Q7. If you were going to play with friends, karaoke or bowling?
Yamapi: Karaoke (Because you have to wait a lot in bowling)
Koyama: Karaoke
Ryo: Either is fine
Shige: Bowling
Massu: Karaoke
Tegoshi: Karaoke (My friends always put on 'weeeek' or 'koi no ABO')

Q8. When speaking of fireworks, the type that launch up or the types you hold in your hand?
Yamapi: Probably hold in your hand
Koyama: Probably the ones that launch?
Ryo: Hold in your hand types
Shige: The one's you hold (I like them all)
Massu: Either one
Tegoshi: I go and see them

Q9. What do you want to be called by your lover?
Yamapi: Yamashita-san
Koyama: Keiichiro (Because I'm not really called by my first name)
Ryo: Ryo-tan
Shige: Narifis (For details go to page 9!)
Massu: By my first name I guess?
Tegoshi: Something like Yuya or Yuu-kun

Q10. Please draw fireworks
Yamapi: 'Pan, pa-pa-pan' (sound of fireworks)

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