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[Tran] RYO @ MYOJO 07.2011

[Tran] RYO @ MYOJO 07.2011

-What was your first abroad travel?
During the 2nd year of middle school I went to Hawaii for work. It was my first time at the Tv show "8ji da J", around 20 juniors had to run an half marathon. Me, Yasu, Maru, Murakami-kun and Yokoyama-kun left from Osaka, there I became good friend with Yamapi.

-What's your essential item for a travel?
The courage to step forward. I love when you're in a foreigner place, in Japan or not, and you feel lost. Even if sometimes I'm also scared, it's rather amusing. For example when I'm around Asia I walk thinking: "People may exchange me for a Korean or a Chinese but I'm Japanese ♪" (lol)

[Nonsense lol]

-Between the places you visited which is the one that left you a biggest impression?

Maybe France. I went there for a location during an old Tv show, I took lots of pictures yelling "Amazing!" watching the Notre Dame or the Triumphal arch. I also bought a pair of European limited edition sneakers, I was so happy. I still have them.

-How do you spend time inside the plane?
I read, watch movies, sleep, use the notebook. Mostly I read. In the past I used to play videogames too but I couldn't in take-off and landing trips. Even thought they're the most boring (lol).

-Tell us a troublesome episode during a travel.
Meals. When I arrive to a country I immediately search for a Japanese restaurant. The Gyuukaku and the Yoshinoya in Los Angeles were really good!

-A dish tasted abroad that you'll never forget.
Escargot and bread I ate in France! I'm a rice lover but that time the bread was really delicious.

-Which is the country you never visited and that you would like to visit the most?

Spain and Italy. I went to many places, I think it's a great luxury. That's why I'm jealous of people with lots of stamps in their passports!

-Which is the first thing you want to do once back in Japan?
Firstly I go to ear ramen! There's a restaurant where I eat my favourite ramen once a week, I feel nostalgic of it since when I'm in the plane leaving Japan, even though I usually eat cup ramen there. Sprinkling its scent everywhere (lol)

[Its stink...I like cup ramen but the scent is awful lol]

-Tell us an episode concerning souvenirs.

When I went in China I bought a Chinese pattern pajama and a weird doll for a friend. I thought: "What face will he do receiving the doll?" but in reality he was really normal when he saw it, I felt kinda let down...

-What makes you feel glad you're Japanese?

When I can sense our taste. When I eat ramen or rice. When I talk Japanese with all its many expressions.

[Oh right I love them too... =_= --> Giulia is in a current breakdown due to the proximity of her Japanese exam]

credit :: spilledmilk25


In the line violet highlight , I think may be he mean 'P' haha~~~

Just my imagine haha~~ >O<!

พูดถึงพีป่าวน้าาา เพราะเรียวเคยว่าพีทำหน้าเฉยๆตอนเซอร์ไพร้วันเกิด

ก็เลยแอบคิดไป อิอิ พีเรียว!~~~ ><

นั่งอ่านสัมภาษณ์เรียวแล้วมีความสุข ฮ่าๆๆ

ตอบแต่ละคำถาม แบบว่าฉลาดตอบ

เหมือนเข้าใจยาก แต่น่าสนใจ ถ้าเข้าใจก็จะรู้ว่า ผช คนนี้นี่ไม่ธรรมดาจริงๆ


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