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[TRAN]Ryo @ Popolo 06.2011

[TRAN]Ryo @ Popolo 06.2011

RYO's members' book of love

For ME: I'm always impatient so the ideal is a girl able to use her time well! I don't want the time spent together to be useless so we could do many things at the same time, a clever girl would be good. Like: "I was cooking but I also cleaned up!" (lol)

For TEGOSHI: A girl who loves soccer, I'm kidding. A girl who can have fun by herself while waiting for Tegoshi when he's having his passion time with soccer, and that won't get mad at him. They could respect each other time table, it'd be the best!

For MASSU: Massu likes everything to be clean (lol), so a clean girl would be good. Then, a person more regular than him. A girl that can understand the fact that he wakes up 3 hours before going out. He should find a girl exactly opposite of me (lol).

For SHIGE: Shige looks like a firm guy but he has many lacking points (lol). That's why it'd be good a girl that's firm at the right point, even if generally she fails too. A relationship in which they can cover each other is the ideal!

For KOYAMA: Koyama has some crude sides (lol). A smart, full of knowledge girl would be good for him. Moreover, since he studies a lot it'd be nice to have a relationship in which one can improve the other.

For YAMAPI: When P falls in love any kind of girl is ok! He's always kind to everybody so I think he can match with anybody. If there's a girl in whom P gets interested he will cherish her forever.

credit :: spilledmilk25


his interview always cute~ haha ,, ^^

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