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[Tran]Ryochan on Myojo 2011.10 (news page)

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-I heard that Ryo-chan's dad is very handsome, does he look like somebody?
My dad looks a little like an Indian Russel Crowe (lol). I don't think he's particularly handsome though.

[Be nice Ryo! I think that an Indian version of Russel Crowe must be cool O.O]

-Tell us an episode about some funny friend from Osaka.
I remember there was one of my elementary school classmates who couldn't study at all but he knew everything about cars.

-I like Ryo-kun with kids. If one day you'll become a father what would you like to do with your kids? What name would you choose?
When they'll be adult I'd like to drink with them. About names, I still don't know! Well, Ryoko and Ryota*. The ideal is to be like my dad. Lately he came to my place. After 5 seconds he entered the house he said "It's hot" and took out his shirt (lol).

[*Written with the same kanji of his name. Ryo is adorable when he talks about his dad <3]

-What do you like the most between dancing & singing and being an actor?
I love both of them. Inside of me there's a distinction only between the work I do alone and the work I do with other people.

-I'd like to know about your favourite food, tell me your last three dinners!
Today I ate sasami cutlet with cheese and shiso, yesterday I ate the meal from the studios, such a big pan that I felt like dying after eating: seaweed, cooked vegetables, daikon, then miso soup and white rice. The day before was a karaage bento, that's all!

[I'm not detailed on this but sasami is chicken breast and karaage is different kind of fried stuff, I hate when I have to search for Japanese food lol]

-Ryo-chan seems a clever person, who made you think "Wow he's smart"?
Sakai Masato. He's got lot of knowledge, no matter what you ask him he knows the answer.

-Yamapi was in trouble when he's been asked about his underwear's color, is there any question that bothers you? And if you want, tell us about your favourite color of underwear too!
Something like: "Why are we living?". You can't do anything but answer: "I don't know". About underwear, any color is ok to me.

[This fan was very sly ahah XD]

-Do you have any memories of going out to shopping or else with Yamapi during Jr. time?
Of course! We often went to Urahara, we bought clothes in APE saying "So expensive!", we bought a wallet from Headporter but then we had no money to put in it. It was funny. Back then we had no money but a lot of dreams.

[Wow this sounds like an old man's phrase 8D]

-My friends say that I'm short-tempered. Tell us what was the last time you got mad.
Right now! This interview is so long! (lol)

[Always so honest =w= But I agree with him!]

-Ryo-chan in the Seven Up CM is so cool! Tell us a story of its backstage, please.
In the studios there was a dance assistent of when I was still a Jr. It was a long time reunion!

-Do you have a person that inspires you playing guitars? I'm in a band in my high school but I didn't improve at all...
John Frusciante and Saito Kazuyoshi. "You'll become good in things you like" so if you like playing you'll surely improve, right?

-Do you get over-excited when you go to theme parks? I can picture you like that but...
I do, I do! The first think I did going to Disneyland was buying a cap. I also rode a lot of attractions! I took the fast pass and it was really useful.

-Do you have a senpai you particularly respect?
Okamoto Ken'ichi-san he's so cool and magical. I only talked a little to him in the past, he called me "Oi, Nishikido" and I thought happy: "Wow he knows my name!".

-What was the time you felt the most nervous in the last year?
During the first meeting for "Zenkai Girl". I was so nervous that I can't remember anything!

-How many musical instruments do you have?
2 guitars. I sent all the other instruments at home. The room where I kept them became the room where my friends sleep when they stay at my place.

credit :: spilledmilk25 , > Thanks for your hard work! ^^   


-If NEWS were a band what instruments would you play? It's a game so please, ignore who can play and who can't.

Ryo: Only I will play the guitar and sing. Yamapi is in charge of tickets and applause, Koyama plays my songs at the radio, Tegoshi is the lip-sync personnel in stand-by, Shige takes the pictures during lives. Massu is only a bother!

-Who is the member that becomes weirdest when the tension is high? I'd be happy if you tell who becomes how in what situation.
Ryo: When Tegoshi enters his soccer mood he can't see anything else but the ball (lol)

-Use the letters of the word NEWS to let us know the greatness of your love for NEWS!
Yamapi: Nishikido - E.T - West - South
Ryo: Naniyori mo - Enmotake na - Wa - Sugita hibi (Days spent having lot of fun more than anything else)

-Be honest and tell us your fetish!
Ryo: Super soft hands

-Between the works you had until now which was the most difficult? Do your best from now on too! I'll always support you!
Ryo: Everything I did was funny somehow, I don't remember.

-What is your favourite taste for shaved ice?
Ryo: If I really have to, lemon.

-What are the gestures and words that make you think "So cute!" about a member?
Ryo: Some time ago I was going to the studios and Shige was about to go home holding his bag, he came to greet me on purpose, he was cute!

-What do you do before lives?
 Ryo: I take a shower, eat, play guitar and relax.   

-Who is the most natural between NEWS members?
Ryo: Isn't it Koyama? Well in his case it's only ignorance though (lol).

-Is there one of the members with whom you'd like to exchange body?
Ryo: No one!

credit :: spilledmilk25 , > Thanks for your hard work! ^^   


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