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[Tran]Ryochan on Popolo 2011.10 (news page)

Falling asleep drowsily on my sofa
When I'm done with work and the day isn't over yet I'm truly happy! When I'm filming a drama lot of times I work the whole day until the night so when I finish when the sun is setting I feel happy. Lately this happened and I just went home and fell asleep without eating dinner (lol). And if the next day work starts on the afternoon I can sleep how much I want (lol). I also like to fall asleep on my sofa. I always think: "I shouldn't sleep here" but then I do it the same! Those moments are real happiness ♪

Wiping my face with a warm wet towel
I'm happy when I go out to eat and I can wipe my face with an oshibori*. I may sound like an old man but I really don't care (lol). Because I don't feel like that (lol). When I enter a restaurant and I get an oshibori I firstly wipe my face, softening it. I love when the towel is warm! Even when it's summer. It feels like it cleans perfectly. Once I wiped my face with it...I feel like drinking milk (lol). I sound even more like an old man, right? (lol).

[*Oshibori, it's a wet towel that Japanese restaurants usually supply.]

credit :: spilledmilk25@lj


^Talk^ : He so thin 'cause he did't have a dinner T^T Ryo chan i wanna thin like u!! but i cant stop to have a dinner!!! (´Д`。)

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