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P: When we're in the rest room NEWS just slack around.

R: Right. Everyone of us goes into their own world in different ways. Pi is always at his notebook.

P: Tegoshi is always randomly singing. But I'm happy that thanks to the concerts we were able to go to eat together. When we're together even the taste is incomparable!

R: Anyway, recently I had many opportunities to go out to eat with you. I feel it all became easier. Now we are more used to just invite each other "Want to have dinner together?"

P: Between the members Ryo-chan is the one I know for longer time. We're friends from around 15 years now.

R: We never really changed. Like when we used to fight at Jin's place. I'm sorry for throwing you my nasal discharges though (lol). Then you started to run in circles around the table.

[WHAT? WHAT DID YOU THROW TO HIM!? I swear I didn't invented this one, he said "Hanakuso" LOL omg XD That's gross!!]

P: We were like that in the past, me and Ryo-chan have really similar tastes.

R: Maybe. Many times I started to like songs because you always listened to them.

P: Our opinions are very similar also about NEWS' songs.

R: When I think that something shouldn't be like that Pi is at my side thinking the same. What we have of different? Maybe the velocity in which we eat. When we got the meal service in a hotel room I needed only 15 minutes to eat everything, Pi took 2 hours to end his meal.

P: Really!? By the way, when I went to Ryo-chan's home I was shocked for how clean it was! You're a pro at living alone!

R: No, I just cleaned up because I knew you were coming over. Usually I just leave things as they are but since you were coming I tried to put things in order a litte.

P: Then I thought that you're good with washings! Do you have some secrets?

R: I just do them normally! I just do them with great attention. Like drying firstly the white things and then the coloured ones separatedly, being careful on what can't be matched. That's why I always end to do at least 4 washing circles.

P: I always end up with so many clothes to wash all together.

R: It happens to me too! Since I have around 30 pairs of panties and towels I can not doing the washings for a month and be fine with them (lol). Of course I don't want mold to grow up so I usually try to wash them quickly. I always thought that I'm not so dilingent. My bottle of bleach is full of holes so to not make the liquid spill I just keep it in my bathroom turned over. It's such a big bottle, it never ends...

P: Ryo-chan is really shy, he's easily embarrassed when praised, right? He's really a shy boy. Since always!

R: Right, it's embarrassing though!

P: He's embarrassed even at his birthday parties!

R: You know, when my most common friends suddenly came over shouting "Happy Birthday!" I ended up to blush. I felt thankful but I really couldn't stand that situation.

P: You know, in those cases your blushing face is really natural, it made me think "So this is the real smile of Ryo-chan"

R: Oh, oh...somehow...thank you (blush)

Credit :: spilledmilk25 lj < Thanks so much! <3


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