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[Tran]Ryochan@Wink up 2011.10 (news page)


-What is your health barometer?
I don't have one in particular. The most easy sign to understand is when I lack sleep. When it's like that I just need to sleep to recover, there isn't any other remedy. I don't really understand my conditions but I think I'm pretty tough. When people lack sleep they usually want to go back home earlier to sleep, but I prefer to go out instead. I can do my best at work the next day only if I had some time for my private life. Well I share with other people the wish of going home earlier though (lol).

-What occupies half of your mind right now?
Exactly, I want to go home early (lol). Today we filmed very quickly so when I reached the studios for the interview it was too early and there was anybody (lol). Today I want to bring my car to customize. Some days ago I wanted to do it but when filming were over the shop already closed, today it seems a perfect day!

-What is your score as dangerous man?
If 100 is the maximum I'd say 75 points. I'm very calm (lol). I don't really understand the meaning of "dangerous" anyway. Like the danger of having an affair? Nah, I don't know how it is to live like that. I'm the opposite, I'm not charmed by those "witches" women that smell of danger. I prefer normal people.

-How many points would you give to Nishikido Ryo as boyfriend?
I don't know! I guess 50 points are ok. I've got good and bad sides, half-half. I'm pretty serious, I can take care of a girl. But if we date for too much time I may start to talk badly and be a little rude, I don't know. It's really difficult to give points to yourself. And I'm no good at talking about love. I feel like everything I say it's weird (lol).

[Ryo is adorable because he's the only one who directly says to the magazine staff that their questions are absurd sometimes XDD]

-How many points would you give to your life right now?
40 points. I want to always think that "it's not enough". I want to be satisfied only in the private life (lol). Of course I have some wishes. Like...being able to sleep 10 hours (lol). Anyway I'm sleeping enough lately. Some days I sleep only 2 hours but sometimes even 12 hours. It's not a completely satisfying life but I want to keep the wish of "more!".

credit ;: spilledmilk25@lj > Thanks so much~ ^^


Note , Ryochan is so manly~ he always say everything so frankly! ><,,, i love him like that~~

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