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[Tran/ENG]Myojo 2011.12 [Nishikido Ryo’s 10000 word interview ]

Myojo 2011.12: Nishikido Ryo’s 10000 word interview 

~Hadaka no Jidai~ When I was still a junior

More like he looks like me. It’s just that Takizawa is like me.

- What is your life’s first big incident?
Ryo: Probably a kiss.

- Kiss?!
Ryo: While going home from the childcare centre, I was kissed by the teacher. On the face, of course 
everyone had one.

- I see.
Ryo: After going to the childcare centre, I had to learn swimming, I remember I always cried because I was 
bullied. Something like getting my swimming trunks hidden by girls older than me.

- You are a crybaby?
Ryo: I always cried. I was really a crybaby. Even though there were times I pretended to cry (laughs) Probably 
that’s the sly-ness I have for being the third son. I learnt something like,”Crying at this situation is the best.”

- You have 2 elder brothers and one younger sister right?
Ryo: Yes, one is 3 years older, one is 2 years old, sister is younger by 3 years.

- Do you have good relations with your siblings?
Ryo: My eldest brother is very gentle to me when I was younger. I have good relations with my sister too. But 

my second brother is a little scary. Back then Shounen JUMP’s “Rokudenashi BLUES” was popular, I was the punchbag for him to practice the skills in the series.

- That’s really aggressive.
Ryo: I was ordered during primary school days to help him get bread. I played janken with my second brother, the one who loses has to do the buying, even though I lost but I don’t wish to buy, therefore I hide in the toilet at the second floor and refused to go out. While I just sat in the toilet, then I would hear,”OI!” from my back, and when I turn I discover it’s my brother. He went out and climbed up the roof to catch me. I felt that it’s impossible to continue like that, after I got out of the toilet we started fighting and he threw me out. While at it I hit my hand, then it was fractured, something like that happened before (laughs).

- Seriously?! Were you very energetic in school?
Ryo: Every semester I get comments like “Can’t quieten down.”. I also played pranks. Well, I pranked people.

- For example?
Ryo: There are lots that cannot be written. (laughs)

- At that time what was your future dream?
Ryo: While I was at the graduation ceremony of my childcare centre I talked about my dream, I said,”To be a successful pet shop owner that has no dogs”. When I was younger I really hated dogs, but I loved animals. 
Come to think of it, if there is no dogs, it’s not even a pet shop (laughs). In addition, when praised,”You draw really nicely!” then I would say,”I want to be an artist!”, everyone said,”I want to be a soccer player!” so I followed suit and said,”I want to be one too!” and such. I was really confused when it came to dreams.

- Amongst everything, was any of them to be a star?
Ryo: Not at all. When I was in upper primary school. The television aired “Mokuyou no Kaidan”, Takki was in it. I was told by girls in the class that I’m like him, I said,”More like he looks like me. It’s just Takizawa looking like me”. Someone who was not in the circle really knew no boundaries.

“An audition that I thought was “Definitely impossible.”

- The reason for sending your application into Johnnys?
Ryo: It was completely out of excitement (laughs). I sent the resume with a few friends.

- You got a reply very quickly?
Ryo: About a year later. I completely forgotten about sending in the application. I received a hand written 
“Nishikido Ryo-sama” tea color envelope. It wrote Johnnys Kitagawa at the back, but I didn’t even know the president’s name (laughs). After that my mother asked,”Seems like there is an audition, what are you going to do?” “I shall give it a shot.”

- Your mum approved of you going for audition?
Ryo: Hmm.. How do I say this? When I was going for audition, she suggested,”Buy a clip at the train station to put up your fringe before going”, I guessed she was pretty excited.

- Did you say anything to your friends?
Ryo: Not at all. I felt,”Since I’m going to fail anyway.” If I said I failed wouldn’t it be embarrassing.

- Didn’t expect to be chosen?
Ryo: Yes.

- The friends who sent the application with you?
Ryo: I’m the only one who got chosen.

- Actually, how is the audition like?
Ryo: The Osaka juniors were requested to be comedic. Was requested to do a drawing, then looking at the 
drawing and say something interesting. I draw someone on a car going for fishing, but the car was poked by a needle, it wasn’t fun at all (laughs).

- Did you display any of your abilities?
Ryo: There were people who did. I said,”I don’t have any special abilities.” It was a cold thought. Ah, but when we were tested on dancing, as I was short I was called to the first. I remember Okura was in the centre of first row, and he was heavily praised. Yasu was praised too. I wasn’t given any commments. So I felt,”It’s probably impossible.” Those that were able to get attention, seems like those who can talk well. Maru was shimmering during the audition already. I thought,”Probably people like him would then be chosen.” After that I heard Maru actually went for audition twice, that’s why he seemed so experienced. So he’s actually not shimmering, he’s just used to it (laughs).

- After the audition?
Ryo: Not long after I was called for dance practice and such. Just nice Takizawa-kun came from a television recording. I thought,’Cool!’

- What was cool about him?
Ryo: He was wearing CK pants (laughs)! And,”Wah! Takizawa! Looks like me!” thoughts like that.

“Read mother’s letter and cried, a lonely birthday”

- From audition till now and met members of Kanjani8
Ryo: Yes. After that, I was selected to be in “KYO to KYO”. I just made a bare appearance. After that there 

were stageplays, but I wasn’t called to be in. Those in the audition got to be in. I thought,”Probably nothing for me anymore.” and not long after that the company called me and angrily said,”You wrote your contact number wrong!” I probably wrote the wrong number.

- Then, how did they manage to contact you?
Ryo: All thanks to Yasu. During the audition Yasu asked for everyone’s name, address and number. I thought,”What is with him” (laughs). Probably they got the number from Yasu and got me. Thanks to Yasu 
there’s me now. In the stageplay I appeared again, that was the first time I saw Subaru-kun and Murakami-kun.

- How were the junior activities like? Did you felt it was manageable?
Ryo: How do I say it. I didn’t really think of that. While I was outside school I managed to meet people of different circles. It’s like a curriculum activity.

- Gotten the mike in less than a year, did it felt like you were well treated?
Ryo: Didn’t think of that. I guess because I was told to sing in front of the president with Yasu. We sang,”Yozora no Mukou e” we were praised, and then we got into Music Station.

- After getting on television and magazines, did you feel like your world has changed?
Ryo: Honestly, in the beginning to be kya-ed at it was really fun (laughs). Because before this I was really unpopular, because I was really small sized.

- From the second year, to record “8 ji da J” etc, you frequented Tokyo.
Ryo: Yes.

- How did you see Takizawa back then?
Ryo: A total difference. He’s like a TOP leading the juniors. I’m just a small character. The thought of “Takizawa is like me” becomes a total thing of the past. That’s because he probably doesn’t even know my 
name. However while I was in Tokyo for a magazine shoot, I was in a bad condition, I felt weak. I told manager for the first time,”I probably cannot take it.” But I was told,”I don’t care you still must come.” During the shoot, I was about to fall and this time Takki told the manager loudly,”Bring him to the hospital!” I was immediately taken to the hospital and back to the hostel. Takki came, helped me put on some clothes.
Murakami and Yokoyama are around too. Yokoyama-kun will continuously put the cloth with ice on my forehead. Non-stop. Murakami will be next door, kept playing games. Really, I won’t forget that for life 

- To be part of the Kansai born, did you have some kind of resistance towards the Tokyo born juniors?
Ryo: Completely not. I always take the bullet train alone to Tokyo, sometimes with Yoko, Hina and Subaru. But most of the time I’m with Yamapi, Hasejun and the Tokyo juniors. Therefore, towards the Tokyo juniors, we are more like friends. I also went to Disneyland with Yamapi. Even if Maru is in Tokyo I would be with P. Who told Maru to shout something like,”Tokyo is so cold (not the weather cold but the human kind)!” something like that. No matter where, people who are cold would be cold (laughs). I didn’t resist. However, I had a “I don’t want to lose” mentality, but I won’t say it.

- Going to Tokyo alone, wouldn’t you feel lonely?
Ryo: When I was 15 years old I guess. I stayed in the hostel alone to celebrate my birthday it felt lonely. I couldn’t forget it till now. Because of work, the people at the hostel said there was a letter for me. It was a letter mum delivered over. It wrote,”Did you eat properly?”, “Work hard” and such. It was a normal letter, but because my tears couldn’t stop flowing I didn’t manage to finish reading.

- How were nights alone like?
Ryo: Standing in front of the station to play skate board or something.

- Were there people who talked to you to share the boredom?
Ryo: Not at all. I couldn’t say anything to the kansai juniors, to the family too. If I couldn’t say anything everything would end.

- End?
Ryo: If I had a son and I was told something like that, I would probably say,”Don’t do it then.”

- I see
Ryo: But, even if I was very lonely, but from the start I knew the importance of my parents. It felt good. I didn’t have a rebellious period.

“The first time the thought of “I should just give up” came to me.”

- Even though you were a little lonely, but work was really smooth right?
Ryo: Indeed until 2000 when “Secret Agent Man” single was released it was a smooth journey. I was the only one who was fortunate to participate in Higashiyama-san’s Dinner Show. But, work suddenly stopped.

- Why?
Ryo: Till now I still do not know the reason. Probably I looked too much like a smug. I didn’t realise that. I felt like I could go for Music Station but I wasn’t called to participate. Back then I didn’t have any work so I always stayed in Osaka, I was the most troubled during that period. It was the first time that “What should I do?” I should just give up came to my mind, I couldn’t see my future.

- But you didn’t give up.
Ryo: Yes, I discussed it with Yasu. I said,”I should just give up.”

- What did he say? 
Ryo: I don’t really remember (laughs). But I remember that he said,”Just put in a bit more effort.” It was then, a stageplay with the current Kanjani8 members was decided. There was a “If we don’t do this we won’t get money for food.” thought and we acted with all our might.

- You have thought of that.
Ryo: Yes.

- Back then there were very little Kansai groups, on the other hand there were a plenty of Tokyo groups. Did you panic?
Ryo: There is Music Station in Tokyo, and also Shounen Club, all of us in Osaka were only called when there is spaces in Halls for concerts. Therefore chances are very little, and we don’t know how to create chances either. If I said we didn’t panic, it’s a lie.

- How did you think of the debut?
Ryo: Rather than talking about the desire to debut, it’s more like,”It’s the end if we don’t debut.” Juniors always thought this way. It felt like our path hasn’t started.

- In 2002, Kanjani8 was formed in this situation.
Ryo: Yes. Honestly, I thought we would split up immediately. I couldn’t imagine debuting with these members. How do I say this, it’s like sports, we were always doing warm up, it’s rare that everyone got to wear the same uniform. Like we couldn’t tell when the race would actually happen. Even though everyone said before,”Let’s work hard to release a CD!”

“NEWS’ debut, couldn’t bear to say it out.”

- However, being a member of Kanjani8 you were also chosen to be part of NEWS.
Ryo: I received the president’s phonecall, he told me,”I want to form a group.” Even though I was happy, but it was complicated.

- Did you say anything about the debut to members of Kanjani8?
Ryo: I couldn’t say it at all. And it was discovered by them before I could say anything. By Yokoyama-kun and Murakami-kun. They asked,”I heard you were going to debut.” I said,”Ya..”, something like that. “But the higher ups said that Kanjani8 would continue.” In the end, while I was out on location with the rest of Kanjani8, I received a call, telling me that,”There is a press conference tomorrow, get to Tokyo.” So I didn’t turn up for the location shoot, and I wasn’t able to tell the other members personally about the situation. I wasn’t able to say it out to them after all.

- How did you feel on the bullet train towards Tokyo?
Ryo: I felt guilty, all I thought was,”What about eito?”

- When you heard that “Kanjani8 continues” did you feel less guilty?
Ryo: Honestly I was shocked. Because I was worrying like “Is that possible?” and how should I be facing the members?

- Indeed.
Ryo: After that, the rest told me,”Work hard” and sent me away. I felt really complicated. However, because of these I would want to work hard at both NEWS and Kanjani8.

- How did it feel like when you met the members of NEWS?
Ryo: Honestly, there were people whose names I don’t even know, so I felt helpless. In addition, initially I gave the vibes of an enemy (laughs). Come to think of it, I was just trying to protect myself, from another degree I’m just trying voice out my stand.

- After the activities in NEWS started?
Ryo: How do I say this. In NEWS I’m one of the oldest. There is a “I should say.” kind of vibe. On the other hand in Kanjani8 I am one of the youngest, therefore I am more willful.

- You probably troubled over the schedule between both groups right?
Ryo: Ya, I am not that capable, and I am not someone who is able to discuss things well. Especially I can’t find members of Kanjani8 or NEWS to discuss.

- How did you compromise?
Ryo: When I troubled over it I realised I had no answers to it. Even if I gave more thought I wouldn’t have an answer. Acceptance or rejection, I just have to do it. Just that I want to be have more freedom. It’s not like whether my high school or junior high school friends which are more important, it’s just that the treatment is different. Therefore I just let things happen naturally.

- What made you have thoughts like that?
Ryo: Probably during NEWS’ first live. Okura, Maru and Yasu participated too. They were behind playing and drumming. I felt like I couldn’t let them have a memory they would feel embarrass to mention, so I did it with all my might. If I did it half hearted-ly it wouldn’t work out.

- How was it when Kanjani8 got to debut in 2004?
Ryo: I was extremely happy. It was like,”Everyone is able to have proper meals!” (laughs) Because the road 
everyone were standing was really shallow.

- How did you find out about the debut?
Ryo: On the newspaper (laughs). While I was on the bullet train with the members, Subaru-kun saw a sports 
newspaper reporting it. It wrote,”Kanjani8 Enka debut.” Although we were extremely happy, but we had an 
“EH?” feeling.

- Because it was Enka?
Ryo: Yes, it’s weird. And I also had an experience of debuting with NEWS. The conference was so grand. But Kanjani8’s debut was at the rooftop of a recording company. And we had to hold flags. Although the feelings were complicated, but everyone were really happy.

- Felt the difference from NEWS.
Ryo: Even though it was a debut, from the beginning it’s a Kansai-limited release. It didn’t feel like we were
being promoted. The shooting of the PV was shocking too. The recording room had a japanese drum. The computer graphics too, it was so obvious it wasn’t new technology (laughs). However, the members were very satisfied about everything, so I couldn’t say anything.

- It was complicated.
Ryo: But that’s because I am familiar with both sides and things can be done.

- What is that?
Ryo: I would suggest “NEWS uses this method to do this. I feel that we can use this method too.” To understand both groups, I can use different viewpoints to look at things. I feel responsible to let everyone and the staffs know what I know.

- When did you feel like Kanjani8 has made it?
Ryo: Probably this year.

- So recently?
Ryo: Probably would be misunderstood, but we know what was our lowest period. The songs we released 
didn’t clinched first all the time. Most of the other groups clinched 1st all the time since debut.

- Ah yes.
Ryo: Because we had times that there was not a single person at the second floor of Osaka Jo hall, therefore 
the desperation Kanjani8 feels is probably stronger than other groups. If we didn’t have a time like that, we probably won’t have anything now.

- I see.
Ryo: However, after debut for not long, the members said to each other,”Some day we hope to have a concert in Osaka Hall”. In 2005 we did it, I was really happy. We were more clear that having fans to come is not something that would occur naturally.

- Because you have walked down the same path with the members, so the relations are particularly good?
Ryo: There’s a reason like that. In the past when Uchi was in the hospital, Yasu and I went to the hospital everyday to visit him. After getting a license I was in charge of driving the car. There was one I fought with Uchi, the rest of the group came to stop us. We have experienced everything together.

“Cried during sister’s wedding,”If you make her cry I would beat you up!”

- Looking back, if you learnt something during your junior days, what would it be?
Ryo: What would it be. Probably,”If you throw a tantrum it’s bad” I guess. During junior days, we always get scolded really badly at by the choreographer. Most of the juniors would be like,”What’s this.” and some would retort and say,”I don’t really care”. These people disappeared. Even if you are scolding them in your mind, and felt resentment, will think of “Put in more effort!” these people have stayed till now. Simply saying, just convert your resentment to energy for working hard.

- Do you have any suggestions to the you during your junior days?
Ryo: What is it. Not at all. But that doesn’t mean I was perfect. How do I say it, I feel that rather than getting appointed to be noticed, it’s more valuable if you notice it yourself. This should be something you yourself should consider isn’t it? I had a period when everyone were in junior high but I didn’t attend school, a period of toughness at work, my brain filled with something like,”What should I do from now”. The people around who sang well, played the guitar well, danced well were a plenty. Therefore I considered what could I do. If I found someone who “I can’t lose to him” it would be the best. Even if I couldn’t find any, to be thinking over something like that it’s meaningful isn’t it?

- Did you think like not losing to someone when it comes to singing?
Ryo: Singing… I didn’t think of that before. I thought that probably if we are talking about high pitch voice I wouldn’t lose.

- I heard that while Nishikido-kun was first on the stage singing, there was a Myojo staff who happened to be listening to you singing with Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun, and Tsuyoshi asked,”Who is that kid who is excitedly singing? He’s singing well.”
Ryo: Eh? That’s the first time I heard it. I never thought of my singing voice being good. That’s because everyone in my family could sing well. My dad has a great voice. The one who shocked everyone was my eldest brother. He wants to be popular, so he sings “Aerosmith” and such. (laughs)

- You seem really happy when it comes to talking about your family.
Ryo: Yes, I love my family, it’s really normal to me.

- Are you on good terms with the second brother you always fought with?
Ryo: Definitely, I’m on great terms with my eldest brother too.

- What about your sister?
Ryo: Extremely well. On her wedding I cried and told her husband,”I will punch you if you make her cry!” (laughs)

- HAHAHA. You are only really good terms with your family.
Ryo: Although I always say “thank you” to my mother, I only said it to my father once.

- When was that?
Ryo: On my 20th birthday. I said it in a text message. I wrote,”Thank you all this while. Because of you I am 
20 years now. Please continue to take care of me from now on. I will work hard to make you proud, so I hope you can continue to be the strong father that everyone respects.”

- I think it’s a way of being filial.
Ryo: No, it’s not enough. A few years back, we were about to have a concert in Osaka, the day before I told my mum,”I would be home at night, cook gameni for me. But when I went home I was asked,”Do you want gameni?” I said,”No.” The next morning too, I was asked if I wanted but I replied “No, who would eat that in the morning!” After that, she placed it in a lunch box, and said,”Bring it over.” I gave her a really upset look and brought it. Brought it to the concert. Because there were 2 shows, after the first show, I was together with Okura in the resting room, I started eating it, while eating, my tears started flowing. I said,”What have I done.” and gave Okura a shock (laughs). Because of that I feel the need to be more filial.

“With regards to juniors debuting, blessings to them.”

- What is your goal from now?
Ryo: None. As long as it is a job that would make me feel satisfied after it has ended, I would do anything.
Whether I do it with all my heart or not, most of it depends on whether I find it interesting or not. Of course,
even if I feel like,”Doesn’t seem to be interesting.”, as long as I feel a little,”probably I can make it more interesting.” I challenge it with all my might. How do I say it, there are many things worth getting happy over.
Just when I am free to be able to talk and laugh with everyone is a happy thing, in between rehearsals, and to welcome the start of a concert the days are really happy. Of course, while on stage, to stand in front of the fans and sing, it’s a happier thing. I hope to be able to accumulate these happiness and live on happily.

- The period of uncertainty and the desire to give up is all gone right?
Ryo: It’s not like I’m not uncertain anymore (laughs). As to what holds for us in the future, everyone would be uncertain. However, I can say that I have confidence now.

- That’s because you have overcame all the uncertainties. For example with regards to the junior’s debut, having new competition would it make you feel insecure?
Ryo: That didn’t come across me. I would say,’Congratlations.” Previously Kis-My-Ft2 came to my resting
room to greet. Don’t come in as a bunch slowly, I guess I really looked like a smug back then.

- Not competitor?
Ryo: I wish I can say,”No competition” this sentence. This is my target.

Credit :: tran by cookiesmon  > thx so much!!! ^^



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