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[Tran]Ryochan in Potato 2011.11 「NEWS & Words 」



The words that make me happy are: "Do your best!". Sometimes there are people who reply: "I will do it anyway, no need to say that!" but that's really mean! I feel honestly happy: "Ah, people support me!", that's why I properly say those words too when I want to support somebody.

There are no famous words nor advices that could influence somebody's life to the point of change it! Words from important people? Something like: "Heaven doesn't make people better than others"?* I don't even sympathize with them! (lol). Anyway, my dad gave me advices on work only once. He told me: "Trials come only to people who can go over them" and "It's ok to quit at any time". They conveyed the exact opposite of what my dad thinks, those words have always been my stimulus.

[* That's a phrase from American constitution and the beginning of Gakumon no Susume by Fukuzawa Yukichi]

The words I say a lot lately are: "I'm hungry" (lol). And immediately after: "Anyway I don't know what I want to eat". I'm a little unstable...(lol). If somebody told me: "Tomorrow there's a concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers" I'd get very excited. I got a little excited just saying this now by myself. (Ryo-chan smiles!)

[Is it that unusual that he smiles during interviews that they had to write it? XD]

More than the words, it's the relationship that you have with the person who's talking that changes the strenght of the impact. If it's a person you like they strike you but if a person of whom you don't care you don't even listen to him. Then it depends on my mood too. I prefer simple talking instead of using difficult words at any cost. Then, when I talk I try to always say the truth. Expecially in the interviews, when I don't understand the question I always tell it (lol). I don't want to embelish things and I want to tell the minimum possible of lies.

Lately the only thing I do between the filming of the drama is surfing (lol). Pi invited me to go with him again but our schedules never match. I want to tell you in the next issue that we could finally go together.

credit : tran by spilledmilk25@lj > Thanks so much!

I really love his interview , he is really frankly!  I love him like this!! Ryochan really nice ><
And I'm really happy when i saw he said to Yamap >< he always think to YamaP >< *sweet

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