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[Tran]Ryochan @ Myojo 2011.11 「A day with NEWS」


11:00 - Wake up.
12:00 - After a shower, start the 1st laundry.
13:00 - Lunch
13:30 - Take the dog out.
15:00 - Hung to dry the 1st laundry, start the 2nd one.
21:00 - Go out with friends and go to the cinema.
22:00 - Back home. Hung to dry the 2nd laundry, start the 3rd one. Put the 3rd laundry in the drying machine.
23:00 - Go to sleep.

◎ The beginning of my day is when it's still night. I go to the beach with my friends in the first morning to surf and we watch the dawn by the sea. That's why we go out so early, around 2:30am. Then we go back home around 9am and I go to sleep...This would be my ideal day (lol). Lately I'm busy so I didn't go to surf at all, my holidays spent like that were so funny though. It felt so nice. When I don't work I have really active days, never looking at the time. I care about the time only if I go to the cinema. A thing that I absolutely have to do in day-off is laundry. At minimum 3 times! I always leave a huge pile of clothes, sometimes I left so many that I had to do 9 washings (lol). I use many bath towels so I can go on for a month.

◎ For lunch I microwaved a frozen meal, I put boiling water to instant miso, warmed up the karaage, added oil, mayonnaise and spices and ate. I took out my dog for around 30 minutes and then I went to see "Harry Potter and the deathly hallows - part 2" with friends. We ate a ramen and then went back home, I put to dry the laundry. I did other 2 washings and put them in the drying machine. I always dry like this the towels, pants and socks, I hung the rest, like the t-shirts. Once I'm done with laundry I use the pc, play the guitar and slack around. That's all. This was an unbelievable day-off of Nishikido Ryo (lol).

A day if Ryo-chan were a sweet dad.
On my day-off I would wake up late and do a barbecue with the kids. Then we would go to sleep all together!

credit ::  spilledmilk25 Thanks so much!!,



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