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[Tran]Ryochan @ Popolo 2011.11 「NEWS best 5」


Ryo's favourite documentary DVD ranking

1. Sea animals
I watch only documentaries about things I don't know, like this watching them is funny and interesting. Between the sea animals I particularly like the killer whale. I mean, it's so strong! I even have a documentary DVD only on killer whales (lol). I've always liked fishes, when I went to the aquarium I knew so many fishes' names! I think that people who know many more than me are amazing.

2. Savannah
I like the Savannah animals because they're so strong. In particular I like lions, once I've watched a documentary only about lions (lol). The cry of a lion can reach a distance of 4km, they can collect their babies and females in a group of other males...I knew all these things thank to it.

[He sounds like a kid lol]

3. Tornados
In Japan tornados never happen so they are an unknown world to me. I was really surprised to see their mechanism and their huge scales. There are some guys in America that goes the most close possible to tornados to film, right? When I saw them I was like: "Amaziiiiing!" (lol).

4. Volcanos
When I went to Hawaii I saw the Kīlauea volcano from the helicopter. I was moved to see for real the power of nature, seeing the lava that turned rock and the still red one flowing down! Over the sea I also saw a sea turtle!

5. Jungle
This one is from a show on Discovery Channel. It was about a man who went alone to live in the jungle only with a flask of bottle and a knife, it was an extreme survival show but it was so cool that it made me think: "I want to live like this too!"

Ryo's birth stone: Smoky Quartz
He's got a great sense of humor, he can captures somebody's heart with his good conversation's skills. Basically he's a serious, passionate for study person. He loves freedom, he's got a good footwork and likes to go out. It's highly probable that in the future he'll work abroad too.

Ryo's NEWS
This morning I overslept a little >_> I spent around 10 minutes waking up and sleeping again, waking up and fall asleep...I did my best but I really couldn't wake up... In the end somehow I stood up and took a shower!

credit :: spilledmilk25@lj > Thanks




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